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The 4-Hour WorkWeek

The 4-Hour WorkWeek

The 4-Hour WorkWeek by Timothy Ferriss is an inspiring book. His basic premise is that everyone should design their own life and their own lifestyle. Figure that out, and then build a plan to achieve it now, rather than at retirement. There are a number of interesting points, from taking mini-retirements every year (or few months), to using outsourcing to free up your time, to making less money from a business if it means giving yourself more time for other things (hence paying someone else to do something). He has a number of examples and practical suggestions on how to build a web-based business and have it run by others while you monitor the important parts. Of course it’s still work and planning on your part to bring it all off. All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone. It’s a great opportunity to examine your life, inspire yourself to more, and setup some new goals and actions. Find this at your local library or bookseller. ps. You should also visit


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5 Apr 2008