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Squirrel Web Portal

Squirrel Web Portal

Well, more product ideas today. Let’s build a business around providing web access to essential Squirrel functions and data for restaurant owners and managers and employees. So, what does this look like? A suite of small apps. All accessible via our website. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee for the services they want. First month could be a free trial. We get everyone’s email. Everything is accessed via a browser, probably using Javascript/Ajax to provide an interactive, desktop-like experience. Needs a connector service on the customers Squirrel Host to provide a pipeline into the Squirrel System. Keep it simple. A big advantage here is that a Squirrel customer using one of our services will be by our web-site often (using the service), and so providing an opportunity to upsell them on our other products and addons (as well as things like Google adsense etc). Possible services are: *Manager/Owner Daily Sales Report (customizable, and more frequently, i.e. after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, at shutdown etc). *Labour scheduling sheet *Prepare specials for the next day *Employees submitting requests for shifts, seeing schedule, seeing hours worked etc. *Startdown/Shutdown operation, manager override on cashouts, shutdown with open checks etc? Another idea that is somewhat related would be to provide a restaurant employee web portal where the restaurant could provide employee communications, policies, training, labour etc.


Peter Bruce: Nice website. Is business good? We should keep in better contact. finding out things through Dad isn’t the best method I guess. By the way, we just bought a house, May 1st possession just west of Sturgeon. Finally settling down. later

Colin: I like this idea!

If restaurant managers, etc. are willing to pay for a Web Portal (monthly subscription?) it seems like a no brainer to me.

6 Apr 2006