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Maven 3.2.2 and Profile Activation changes

Maven 3.2.2 and Profile Activation changes Maven 3.2.2 was released recently. Upgrading unfortunately broke some of my project builds. Specifically they fixed a long standing bug where multiple activation conditions were or’d together instead of being and’d as documented. Unfortunately for me, I had taken advantage of the bug and so had to redo the poms. The problem now is that there is no straightforward way to implement the OR condition.

19 Jul 2014 and Sub-Projects and Sub-Projects Assembla offers a feature where a master project can contain sub-projects. The work we do here at CoolBalance often has many sub-projects for a single customer. The customer desires a single repository, and this seems like a reasonable way to integrate projects and repository. Tickets and Support are also crucial features. What I am trying out is to have a single master project which contains the repository, tickets, and wiki.

14 May 2014


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29 Mar 2011

Why Embrace the Web For Your Business?

Why Embrace the Web For Your Business? Why should you embrace the use of the Internet for your business? It’s easy in times of economic crisis to start chopping marketing budgets, however we believe the web is a solution to survive economic hard times, not a budget item to cut. Simply put, the web is more important now than at any other time. Here are some reasons why: The web is cost effective.

6 Sep 2010

Squirrel Credit and Gift Card Architecture

Squirrel Credit and Gift Card Architecture Squirrel Credit/Gift/debit Card Workflow and Architecture The Squirrel Restaurant POS system provides core support for credit/gift/debit card payment methods. They also provide the infrastructure to allow some customization of this support and require customization for communicating with the Payment Processor. Squirrel is a client-server system. The Squirrel POS workstation is a Java application which usually runs on a diskless POS workstation with a touch screen and magnetic card reader (as well as peripheral interfaces for printers, etc).

26 Mar 2009

Invoicing Services

Invoicing Services Contract Spot :: Simplify Your Services tags: invoicing Send Invoices quickly, easily and 100% FREE using Invoice Journal tags: invoicing Project Management, Bug Tracking, Invoicing, Leads Management, Time Tracking, and Collaboration web tools for Clever People tags: invoicing Simplifythis - Business Made Easy online invoicing timetracking tags: invoicing FreshBooks - The Fastest Way to Invoice Your Clients tags: invoicing

26 Nov 2008

34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs

34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs Here’s a list I picked up from Yanik Silver’s Sales Page for his Maverick Business Insider I think this is a useful set of rules and so I wanted to share them. Enjoy It’s got to be a BIG idea that you, your team and your customers can “get” in seconds. Strive to create 10x – 100x in value for any price you charge.

8 Nov 2008

The Guest House by Rumi

The Guest House by Rumi The Guest House This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

4 Nov 2008

Control Access to Paid-Out or any button in the Squirrel POS System

Control Access to Paid-Out or any button in the Squirrel POS System The SecurityLock Squirrel POS extension allows you to control access to the PaidIn function in Squirrel by Badge Number. This extension will work with Squirrel version 1.4x and above. Installation is simple. Copy the SecurityLock.class file to the c:\Squirrel\Program\pos\extended folder and then create a file named c:\Squirrel\PosData\SecurityLock.config which the list of badge numbers allowed to access whatever button(s) you are protecting.

14 Sep 2008