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Marketing What I Know!

Marketing What I Know!

Today, reading an advert by Janet Swirtzer for her “How Experts Build Empires” series of programs for info-marketers, a number of things she had to say struck me as insightful.

First, everyone knows and has done something that someone else would like to know and be able to do. Many of those things people will pay money for. So, I can build a product and business around that thing if I can find those people and give them the value they want. She also notes that the market niche can be small if the interest and value is high. One anecdote was about a 8,000 person niche that generated over a million dollars in 46 weeks.

So, what do I know and what have I done? What do you know and what have you done? If I, or you, can answer that question, then buying her program seems like a great idea.

Some things are:

  • Finding things. I’ve found many great products on the web. What I believe is the best way to build a business plan, especially if you don’t know what you are doing with (see
  • Another is what I think is the best home business opportunity (one I haven’t taken much advantage of) with" (I’d also highly recommend their products, in particular Dr’s Chocolate (chocolate that’s more than healthy for you), Daily Essentials, Daily Clenz, and TurboTrim - more on these in another post some day).
  • Now walking on the wild side, if you appreciate the beauty of women and nudes, check out Body In Mind.
  • How to travel and deal with customers so they love you.
  • Traveling and loving where I am. Enjoying a $10/night hotel in Singapore hanging out with commercial divers and smugglers (and how to turn down a smuggling offer). Breakfast for a dime on the street in Shanghais. The Hilton in Nashville.
  • Electronic Payment cards and how to best implement and use them.
  • Restaurant POS
  • Internet Architectures

Time for you and I to build a list

31 Oct 2006